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This Is CDR Ep. 61: Buying Carbon Removal, Explained with Shopify Head of Sustainability Stacy Kauk

In this episode of This Is CDR Toby and Irene welcome Shopify Head of Sustainability Stacy Kauk who presents the company's recently published CDR buying guide, and discuss the company's pioneering CDR procurement program and how we can scale demand for long-duration CDR. ABOUT STACY: Stacy Kauk joined Shopify in January 2020 where she is the Head of Sustainability and oversees and leads the company's sustainability initiatives. She also serves on the advisory board of the Carbon Management Research Initiative (CaMRI) at Columbia University. Prior to joining Shopify, Stacy was Head of the Ozone Layer Protection Program at Environment and Climate Change Canada. Stacy has worked on several chemicals management regulatory initiatives and represented Canada as a member of delegations for the Stockholm Convention and Montreal Protocol.