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Support Refugee BIOCHAR producers in Uganda!

Imagine if farmers in Africa could earn more income by restoring their soil and removing carbon from the air with BIOCHAR. With local ingenuity and smart tech, our project will make this happen in Nakivale, Uganda, Africa's oldest refugee settlement. Bionerg, C-Capsule and OpenAir are partnering with Uganda's Nakivale Refugee Settlement to pilot a new biochar monitoring and revenue model that aims to unlock income for subsistence farmers, improve soil productivity, and draw down carbon from the air. The project objective is to enable farmers to gain access to and earn revenue from international carbon markets using a mobile-based biochar monitoring and verification technology and methodology. Open-source designs will enable local manufacturing, maintenance and continuous improvement of small distributed biochar kilns anywhere in the world. A growing practitioner network will allow implementing farmers to exchange best practices and continuously learn and improve methods through peer-to-peer exchange.