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Policy Roundtable: How Best to Catalyse Greenhouse Gas Removal in the UK?

In July 2022 the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) announced a public consultation to receive input on the Government's policy proposal to support greenhouse gas removal (GGR) scale up and industrial development in the UK. The proposal is among the most substantive and specific of its kind produced by any national government in the world, to date. It includes a detailed rationale for domestic GGR investment, directly links GGR capacity targets to broader Net Zero Strategy goals and timetables, and proposes three distinct demand-support contract models for incentivizing GGR investment and development. But how does this proposal align with the real perspectives, priorities and needs of UK's nascent GGR sector, and those who are actively engaged in its earliest phases today? In this roundtable discussion London-based OpenAir advocates Aaron Benjamin and Francesca Battersby engage a panel of leading GGR entrepreneurs and subject experts to offer their perspectives on optimal policy approaches for the UK. Viewerrs will also learn how they can participate in new citizen-led efforts to build broad public support for strong GGR commitments in the UK. All are welcome to attend. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FA... Panel 
  • Nicholas Chadwick, CEO, Mission Zero Technologies
  • Simon Manley, Head of Carbon, UNDO 
  • Andrew Shebbeare, Managing Partner, Counteract -
  • Dr. Gabrielle Walker, Founder / Director, Valence Solutions
Moderated by Francesca Battersby and Aaron Benjamin, OpenAir