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Policy Announcement: The Massachusetts Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act_Nov 2022

Massachusetts is among the most climate forward state's in the U.S., with legally-binding targets for net-zero emissions by 2050. The commonwealth is also home to several world-class universities and research institutions, and a dynamic and fast growing technology sector that are strongly positioned to drive local carbon dioxide growth and progress. In the upcoming state legislative session starting in January 2023 State Senate Majority Leader and Chair of the Senate Climate Change and Global Warming Committee Cynthia Stone Creem will introduce the Massachusetts Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act. As law, this new legislation would establish a state-administered, standards-based CDR procurement program that will provide demand support to catalyze diverse CDR projects throughout the commonwealth in the coming years. In a special announcement during COP 27 Majority Leader Creem will deliver a short statement about the MA-CDRLA, the motivation and rationale that support it on the Carbon Removals at COP Virtual Pavilion.