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How LECCLA Became Law: A Retrospective for Advocates

On Monday January 30 New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed the New Jersey Low Embodied Carbon Concrete Leadership Act into law. “LECCLA” arrived at his desk just before the new year following the bill’s passage in the state senate (S371- Greenstein, Singleton) and assembly (A2234 - McKeon, Timberlake, Calbrese) with overwhelming bi-partisan support. In so doing Governor Murphy has set in motion the implementation of a state-led approach to eliminating embodied carbon emissions in concrete that is the first of its kind in the United States, redefining model policy for the rest of the country. In hindsight, the wisdom of LECCLA might seem obvious. However, the passage of the law was far from inevitable. It is the end result of two years of an unwavering awareness raising and advocacy campaign, led from the grassroots by volunteer citizen activists with the OpenAir Collective, and with continuous, indispensable support from the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters, NRDC, and a coalition of nearly two dozen environmental and private sector stakeholder organizations. In this free webinar hosted by OpenAir the core advocates who collaborated on and led the 2-year campaign to make LECCLA law will share insights and lessons gained from the experience. All are welcome to attend to learn, share, and, if inclined, replicate what is shared in their own state or city. Featuring: - Sue Dorward - New Jersey Advocate, OpenAir - Allison McLeod - Policy Director, New Jersey League of Conservation Voters - Eric Miller - Director, NRDC New Jersey Energy Policy, Climate & Clean Energy Program. Moderated by Chris Neidl, Co-Founder, OpenAir