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Communicating Carbon Removal: Building a Grassroots Movement to Inform & Mobilize.

As individuals we possess enormous power to influence attitudes and perspectives on carbon removal through our everyday communications - both in the context of casual interactions and through more formal channels and venues. Together, in supportive networks that enable knowledge sharing and collective learning, this impact potential can be greatly amplified. In this webinar OpenAir advocate Toby Bryce will moderate a discussion with climate communications expert Dr. Anne Pasek, Canada Research Chair in Media, Culture and the Environment Assistant Professor at Trent University. Toby and Dr. Pasek are joined by a panel of citizen CDR activists who are each engaged in grassroots communications and awareness-raising activities in their communities. The panel members will share their experiences and discuss best practices for communicating the necessity, value and meaning of CDR for different audiences. The session includes information on how viewers can join and participate in grassroots CDR communications campaigns through the OpenAir Collective.