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Narrative 4: CDR will be done in many different ways, and places, and by different actors

Carbon removals can be done responsibly, globally, in many different ways and by diverse organisations, in meaningful consultation with the communities most affected by climate change.

Narrative Fundamentals

  • Carbon removals can be done anywhere, by anyone, but have a global impact.

  • All carbon removal approaches have their strengths and weaknesses. We need a broad portfolio of options if we want to stay below 1.5C.

  • Carbon removal projects can help drive climate-positive growth in the Global South and beyond.

  • The only reason to do carbon removals is to raise climate ambition, so we affirm the need for rigorous, transparent principles, regulations and standards.

Negative Headwinds vs Enabling Narratives

Inappropriate: Engineered removals are not appropriate for sustainable development.”


Agency: “Not to us, or for us, but by us. Voices in the global south agree that this industry can represent hope for their climate and economy”

Who benefits?: “Who benefits, not locals?”


Growth potential: “Carbon removals can create jobs and be part of a wider green growth agenda. We have to be responsible in the way we deploy”


Who benefits? Just CDR tech bros:All this is going to do is make a bunch of startup founders rich.


Just transition: This industry will require massive amounts of  job creation which will benefit thousands of people – and we can develop the industry responsibility from the very start.


Who benefits? Fossil fuel greed:Fossil companies don’t deserve to participate in the profits from this industry.


Transition vs BAU: There may be profits in future, but now it’s about investment. Do we prefer the companies that took CO2 out of the ground to invest billions putting it back in, or stick to business as usual?


Negative impact on communities: “This will just damage frontline communities once again.”


Climate justice: “Now is the time to create safeguards, bring in community impact, and ensure responsible growth”