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March Collector of the Month: Tank Chen

Tank Chen

Base: Taichung City, Taiwan
Profession / Pastimes: Educator / Advocate
Discord Handle: @TankChen

Tank, you jumped into the OpenAir discord about a year ago? What led you to our carbon removal community?

I had been searching for ways to get involved in carbon removal since I first encountered the term in March 2022. After completing a carbon management certification, I joined a sustainability consultancy in Taiwan. It wasn’t long before I realized that most people had no idea what carbon removal was, and those who did were not keen on sharing their knowledge. Fortunately, I discovered the AirMiners’ BootUp program, which introduced me to this incredible community. Here, everyone is eager to learn, share resources, and contribute in any way they can to accelerate carbon removal worldwide. I was instantly motivated!

When you joined you really jumped right in and didn’t waste any time getting to work. Can you tell us a little bit about the kinds of things you’ve been up to as an OAC member? 

What I love about OAC is the variety of missions and calls for help that allow members to contribute in areas that interest them. Your contributions are always valued and appreciated by the community. Within a week of joining OAC, I became part of the communications team and participated in a webinar about our communication missions: CDR-Reality, CDRWiki,  and CDR CO2municator. Since then, I’ve attended weekly communications meetings to support mission leads—Tina, Cade, Peter, and Rob—in planning and executing our missions. I’ve also been live-tweeting #ThisIsCDR events for the last 25 episodes and co-hosted two episodes since last summer. (Something I would not have dreamed of doing a year ago.) Now, I’m trying my hand as the editor of our monthly newsletter.

You have been very involved in a number of the changes that we’ve been putting into place in 2024 to upgrade and improve how our community functions. The monthly newsletter is a big one that you are taking on as editor. Can you share a bit about what people can expect from the newsletter going forward….

Absolutely! The newsletter will serve as a quick info hub, offering updates on upcoming events, recordings of past events, and spotlights on missions to help members learn about them and find ways to contribute. It will also track our progress and include informative materials to inspire our community. Another key focus will be celebrating our collective achievements by highlighting mission progress and featuring collectors of the month to recognize their contributions.

You were able to join a small group of OpenAir members in Dubai for COP28 in December. What were your main takeaways from that experience and what did you get up to?

Joining other OpenAir members in Dubai was a fantastic opportunity. We set up pop-up booths at various events and gatherings to discuss our missions and showcase the human side of CDR technology beyond industrial-sized projects. One memorable moment was when a gentleman from Africa recognized the name of the village in one of our mission displays and came calling: “That’s my village!”. It was great seeing pride he expressed in learning about the biochar projects happening there. Meeting OAC members from different parts of the world, all with diverse backgrounds, reinforced the idea that we are truly a vibrant and borderless community.

What are your hopes and goals as an OAC member for 2024?

My hope is to encourage more people to join and contribute to our efforts in advancing CDR by sharing the stories of the individuals within OpenAir. The goal is to continue advocating for CDR and to serve as an effective communicator for OpenAir.