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Carbon City: Transforming CO2 through New York’s Built Environment.

November 15, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST


Carbontech describes applications that remove or capture CO2 and transform it into useful products and materials. It is projected to scale into a trillion dollar industry in the coming decades. How this development will ultimately relate to broader emissions reduction objectives and economic development goals has emerged a subject of growing interest within global climate discourse.

But what role specifically might global cities like New York play in this sector’s emergence – as catalyst for early innovation, and as vital habitat for both startups and early adopters? It is now becoming clear that the diversified economic profile and existing climate policy and regulatory commitments of large urban places offers rich opportunities for carbontech to take hold and takeoff. And New York City and state have many distinct competitive advantages that give it a head start in the race to seize the mantle as global carbontech capital.

In this webinar OpenAir members will explore key aspects of this question through the lens of policy, economic opportunity, technology and activism.


  • Survey: CarbonTech & the City – Chris Neidl, OpenAir
  • Emerging carbontech solutions and use cases – Aananadita Chowdhury, OpenAir
  • Why carbon removal and utilization needs to be part of the “offset” conversation for New York – Sal Brzozowski, OpenAir
  • Panel /Q&A: with Jason Hochman (The DAC Coalition) and Adina Banayan (Latitude Compliance)

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