Calling all SB 308 Coalition Members!

Thank you for joining and participating in our campaign to pass the world’s most ambitious and science-aligned carbon dioxide removal support policy. As law, SB 308 will be a game changer. Not only will it activate California as a major driver of CDR demand; it will also set a new bar, globally, for what effective removals policy can and should look like.

NOW is a great time to make your organization’s support for SB 308 known on social media, and bringing it to the attention of key state legislators. With a consistent flow of positive posts coming from our coalition members over the remaining weeks of the 2024 legislative session, we can help elevate the bill as a priority in Sacramento.

We’ve made making an effective support declaration easy for our coalition members. Just follow these steps.

STEP 1: Download the Support Graphic with your organization. 

Download your organization’s Graphic (PNG) from the table below in the column that has your organization’s name in it.  This is the image that you will post on Twitter/X and/or Instagram. The images we’ve prepared below have been made for your convenience, but if you would like to use your own image, that’s completely fine.

Organization Graphic
4 Corners Carbon Coalition Download
Activate Download
Air Miners Download
AirMyne Download
Andes Download
Aquarry Download
Carbonfuture Download
Captura Download
Capture6 Download
CarbonBuilt Download
Carbon Business Council Download
Carbon Capture Download
Carbon Removal Alliance Download
Clairity Technology Download
Citizen Climate Lobby California Download
Climeworks Download
Congruent Ventures Download
Corigin Download
Direct Air Capture Coalition Download
Ebb Carbon Download
Equatic Download
Everest Download
Foundation for Climate Restoration Download
Frontier Download
Heirloom Carbon Download
Holy Grail Download
Kita Download
Lithos Download
Mote Download
Noya Download
Ocean Visions Download
Octavia Carbon Download
OpenAir Collective Download
Pacific Coast Legacy Emissions Action Network Download
Partnerships for Tribal Carbon Solutions Download Download Download
Rethinking Removals Download
RMI Download
Sitos Download
Stripe Climate Download
Sustainable Silicon Valley Download
Thanks-A-Ton Download
UCLA Institute for Carbon Management Download
U.S. Biochar Coalition Download
Vaulted Deep Download
Vesta Download

STEP 2: Find your California State Assemblymember on the maps below.

On the map below, click on the color-coded district that your permanent residence falls within to find your State Assemblymember. (Sorry, we can’t integrate a search field, so this requires a little basic geography knowledge of where you are! You can zoom in to get oriented).

STEP 3: Prepare a short support message to go with the post

  • Open up your X/Twitter and/or Instagram accounts up, start a new post.
  • Write in a short message stating 1. that your org is proud to  support for SB308, 2. what your organization does in relation to CDR (startup/advocacy group, etc.), and 3. If you are based in California, mention the city you are in.

STEP 4: Tag key members of the Assemb. leadership to make sure they see it. 

ALL POSTS should directly address and tag the Assembly Natural Resources (ANR) Committee Chair Isaac Bryan. NOTE: Chair Bryan has a setting on twitter / x where he can’t be tagged unless his handle is included in the body of the post. 

ALL POSTS should tag Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas.

Also, if your company is located in a district represented by another ANR Committee member listed below, also include their handle, address them, and be sure to state that you are based in their district. To find out if you are in one of these districts, click on this link, and type in your address.

Assemblymember Position Assembly District Twitter/X Handle Instagram Handle
Isaac Bryan Assembly Natural Resources Committee Chair  55 @ib2_real @ib2_real
Robert Rivas Assembly Speaker 29 @CASpeakerRivas   @caspeakerrivas
Jim Wood Assembly Natural Resources Committee Member   2 @JimWoodAD2 @jimwood02
Josh Hoover Assembly Natural Resources Committee Member  7 @joshua_hoover @joshua_hoover
Heath Flora Assembly Natural Resources Committee Member  9 @HeathFloraCA @assemblyman_heath_flora
Buffy Wicks Assembly Natural Resources Committee Member  14 @BuffyWicks @asmbuffywicks
Rebecca Bauer-Kahan  Assembly Natural Resources Committee Member  16 @BauerKahan @rebeccaforassembly
Ash Kalra Assembly Natural Resources Committee Member  25 @Ash_Kalra @ash_kalra
Gail Pellerin Assembly Natural Resources Committee Member  28 @AsmGailPellerin @asmgailpellerin
Devon Mathis Assembly Natural Resources Committee Member  33 @AD26Mathis @devon_mathis
Laura Friedman Assembly Natural Resources Committee Member  44 @LauraFriedmanCA @laurafriedmanca
Al Muratsuchi Assembly Natural Resources Committee Member  66 @AsmMuratsuchi @asmmuratsuchi


STEP 6: Include the Hashtag #SB308.