At Open Air, we want to help fix climate issues. From past UN COP Climate Conferences, we noticed that it was very difficult to keep track of all of the unofficial events, whether they occurred at pavilions, in the Green Zone, or at satellite locations around the COP. To help address this, we worked with students from NYU to create the Unofficial COP 28 Guide, to help COP attendees find events that would be useful for them to know about and help them attend events based on subject matter, location, time, etc.

Here is the Unofficial COP 28 Guide, we will be updating as more information comes in:

Unofficial COP28 Events Guide

Do you have an event you’d like us to add to our Guide? Please enter the information on the link below:
COP28 Event Details Form

Did we miss a bunch of events that are listed on a website somewhere? Tell us about them (we’ll do our best to incorporate this info, but we have limited time, using the form above and including individual events will get into the guide much faster):
COP28 Events Sources Form

Did we miss something? Make a mistake? Do you have general feedback on this tool? Want to help out? Tell us about it!
Unofficial Events and Pavilions Schedule – Feedback Form

Please, share this tool with other COP28 Attendees!

COP28 Guide QR

We’re OpenAir, we’re here to help.

Sorry it’s only in English, we don’t have the resources to do other languages, but if someone else wants to help us make versions for other languages, we’d gladly post those here as well!