At Open Air, we want to help fix climate issues. We noticed many people were having issues navigating COP27, so our members on the ground made this unofficial map that we thought might help people find where they’re going.

We made a searchable spreadsheet here to help you find what you’re looking for:

COP27 Pavilions, Offices, and Meeting Rooms Searchable SpreadSheet (and updatable!)

You can also enter any locations not on the maps into the 4th tab of the spreadsheet and we’ll enter add it to our other spreadsheets to help people find the unlisted locations.

We also made updated maps that show where the building is in the conference space and that are sorted alphabetically to help you find your locations more easily, you can download those maps directly below (they’re also linked in the spreadsheet):

Pavilion Maps:


Delegate Office Maps:


Meeting Rooms and Plenaries:


Please share this spreadsheet & maps with anyone you think could use it. Use the QR code to easily share it.
Map QR Code

Sorry it’s only in English, we don’t have the resources to do other languages, but if someone else wants to help us make versions for other languages, we’d gladly post those here as well!

We’re OpenAir, we’re here to help.