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Collector of the Month: Megha Raghavan

Megha Raghavan

Base: London, England
Discord Handle: @megha

London-based Megha Raghavan jumped into the Collective this summer , and quickly became one of our most active advocates. You may recognize her as the co-host (with Toby Bryce) of our weekly webinar series This Is CDR, but Megha is also one of the driving forces behind OpenAir’s new advocacy mission, The Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act (CDRLA), focusing on mobilization in her native California.

What missions are you working on right now?

I’m currently working on CDRLA and trying to get it introduced in California, as well as hosting This is CDR to help people get a better understanding of what CDR really is.

What led you to OpenAir and CDR more generally?

I was drawn to CDR because it feels like the next big phase in the fight against climate change, and one where setting the right policies today will have a huge impact on how effective CDR can be in the long run. OpenAir has been a great way to connect with people who are making that happen.

Have you had any really memorable moments as a collector so far?

Seeing people connect through TiCDR with others who are working on similar projects has been a highlight for me.

What are you hoping to achieve or get done in the coming year?

Getting CDRLA introduced in California and helping OA members throughout the US get it introduced in other states would make for a great 2022!