The Weekly CO2municator Workshop

Interested in honing your presentation skills so you can raise awareness about Carbon Removal in your community? If so, drop by the weekly CO2municator workshop to get support from other OpenAir membe...
By Christopher Neidl September 13, 2023

CO2municator Wednesday Workshop

A weekly workshop to hone your own CDR presentation and develop effective public communication skills! The long-term success of carbon removal will only advance as far as the level of support and a...
By Christopher Neidl August 28, 2023


OAC Mission Launch: Carbon Removal Communicator

By Christopher Neidl July 25, 2023

Communicating Carbon Removal: Building a Grassroots Movement to…

As individuals we possess enormous power to influence attitudes and perspectives on carbon removal through our everyday communications - both in the context of casual interactions and through more for...
By Christopher Neidl January 4, 2023

CO2municator: Climate Restoration-Rotary Club_ P.Hoberg_11. 2022

This is an overview of climate restoration and carbon dioxide removal for a general audience. It was developed in cooperation with the OpenAir Collective, and was originally designed to be presented a...
By Christopher Neidl January 3, 2023


The CO2municator Network

By Christopher Neidl