Carbon Crowd – Ep. 4 Epiphyte Build #1:…

​For the 4th installment of Carbon Crowd, the Epiphyte team in Philly will report its general progress, with a focus early sorbent results. ​All are welcome to join, learn and share! ​About Epi...
By OpenAir Team September 12, 2023

Carbon Crowd – Epiphyte Build #1: Hello World!

Carbon Crowd kicks off with a 2-month build of Epiphyte, an OpenAir member developed and designed open source direct air capture (DAC) machine that was inspired by the Octavia Carbon team's work in Ke...
By OpenAir Team August 14, 2023

Weekly Mission Meetup: Carbon Crowd

A weekly planning meetup on zoom for members of the Carbon Crowd mission. 
By Christopher Neidl January 2, 2023