ACTION: Support Low Carbon Concrete Procurement in Illinois, Call your State Legislators Today!

The CCURRB ACT, or The Concrete Carbon Utilization, Reduction, and Removal Breakthrough Act (HB546- Didech) is new OpenAir-supported state legislation in Illinois that has been introduced by State Representative Daniel Didech. As law, CCURBB would create a financial incentive for concrete producers doing business with the state who deliver concrete that achieves super low carbon performance. An additional incentive is created for concrete that incorporates carbon removal technologies. Right now we need to get the bill included in the state budget, which will be finalized by the end of May. So please use our tool below to call your State Senator and State Representative today, and request them to support the CCURRB Act’s inclusion in the budget!


  1. Look up your State Representative and Senator below by typing in your zip code.
  2. Call each legislator’s office at the numbers that pop up below.
  3. Briefly express your support for HB5461 to the staff members that pick up the phone, and request that the Senator/Representative co-sponsor the bill, and recommend to the House and Senate leadership that the bill be funded in this year’s state budget.
  4. Send information to the staff member in charge of reviewing the legislation. For this you just need to ask if there is someone at the office who you can send more information about the bill to. You can plug that person’s name and email, along with your own, in the fields below and they will automatically be sent a copy of the bill with you copied.
  5. Thank the staff member, and hang up.
  6. Report what happened and map your call.

Look Up Your U.S. Rep

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Call Their Office, Invite Them to Attend

  1. Click here for a script.
  2. Call their office to invite them.

Log What Happened