SB 308, The California Carbon Dioxide Removal Market Development Act, is among the most ambitious, climate science-aligned carbon dioxide removal support policies proposed anywhere on earth. In 2023, the legislation passed in California’s State Senate. In 2024 our campaign aims to get the bill passed in the State Assembly, and signed into law by the Governor.

To achieve this goal, we need thousands of Californians to let their state assemblymembers know that they support SB 308 on social media. Can you help us? Here’s how:

STEP 1: Download the support Graphic.

Download this PNG graphic, which you will post on X/Twitter and/or Instagram to declare your support.

STEP 2: Find your California State Assemblymember on the maps below.

On the map below, click on the color-coded district that your permanent residence falls within to find your State Assemblymember. (Sorry, we can’t integrate a search field, so this requires a little basic geography knowledge of where you are! You can zoom in to get oriented).

STEP 3: Copy your Assemblymember’s social media handles.

A panel will open up on the lefthand side of the map to reveal info for your Assemblymember, including their X/Twitter handle and Instagram handle. Copy both handles and save them.

STEP 4: Post your support message

Open up your X/Twitter and/or Instagram accounts up, and post the graphic with a short message stating 1. which city/town you live in and 2. your support for SB308. This unique message is important, because it proves you are not a bot, but a real person!

STEP 5: Tag key legislators [IMPORTANT]

In the message of your post address and tag your assemblymember. Also tag:

Assembly Natural Resource Committee Chair Isaac Bryan:  Twitter / X handle: @ib2_real ; Instrgram handle: @ib2_real.

Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas. Twitter / X :@CASpeakerRivas, Instagram:@caspeakerrivas

STEP 6: Include the Hashtag #SB308.

Including the tag will help us track the volume of support declarations that are being posted, and which Assemblymembers are seeing them.